Kid dressed as tony romo halloween

This years winner goes to the guy dressed up as Tony Romos spine. Yup, he dressed up as an actual spinal cord with a crack in it and a Tony Romos Spine label. Now that is a good 2016 costume. One common theme Ive noticed in pulling together this gallery was Tony Romo and his reputation for being injury prone. Kids and adults alike broke out the slings, braces, crutches, and their No. 9 Dallas Cowboys jerseys This youngster with (what I hope) is a fake cigarette is the greatest kid.

Nov 01, 2016  Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can not catch a break, even on what is supposed to be Kid dressed as tony romo halloween of the more fun holidays of the year. A large number of fans dressed as an injured Tony Romo For some reason, its generally regarded as taboo too laugh at a players injury, yet for Tony Romo, its different.

The Cowboys QB has been injured so often its all one big joke now, and if youre dressing up as an NFL player for Halloween, what better way to do then with an injured Tony Romo costume. But for one fan, Romo's status as a bench warmer seems to be a foregone conclusion. Check out this hilarious Halloween costume. @chickmcgee1 My favorite costume this year: Romo, sitting on a bench. You dress up as his damn spine. Dallas scariest Halloween costume: Tony Romos spine If Dak Prescott wasnt around the save the day for Dallas, this may take the cake as the scariest costume for Cowboys fans.

Romo with a good defense could have won the super bowl in 2014. Shit, he would have been MVP if it wasn't for his defense (he was arguably the best QB in the league just 2 seasons ago). Worst case scenario, Romo comes back and then we go back to Dak. You would think this would make the decision a little easier for those kids whod like to dress up as their football idols. However, for every Aaron Rodgers, theres a Tony Romo. For every Peyton Manning, theres a Drew Brees.

Someone dressed as Tony Romos spinal column for Halloween, and its hilarious NFL By Matt Lichtenstadter on October 30, 2016 October 30, 2016 Halloween is a great time for all of us to break Alright, Cowboy fans, Twominute Warning! It's time for you to rally up and show your Dallas pride, and there's no better way to do that than when you're wearing this awesome officially licensed NFL Cowboys Uniform Costume! TJ Oshie is a proud American hockey player. Hes also an expert at Halloween.

Two years ago he was a dalmatian to his wifes Cruella de Vil. This year the couples young children got into the

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