Boerum hill halloween display scares

Oct 21, 2014  The Boerum Hill couple that creates bloody, Bmovie quality Halloween displays every year has unveiled their latest terrifying tableauclick through for a look, if you dare. Last year they A gross, funny Boerum Hill halloween display has neighbors divided as to whether it's delightful or frightful Oct 24, 2017 The hackolanterns are here, folks.

For the ninth year running, an incredible display of gourd gore has taken over the front lawn of a Boerum Hill home, this time featuring a couple of murderous PARK SLOPE The officers of the NYPDs 78th Precinct want to scare youbut all in good fun. For the past three years, Commanding Officer Frank DiGiacomo has been the mastermind behind transforming the precincts basement into an elaborate, multiroom haunted house for Halloween.

Each room has its own individual theme, he says, Oct 23, 2013 Brooklyn Halloween Display Goes Too Far For Some Neighbors (PHOTOS)" This is sick, " local resident Valerie Bell told ABC of the exhibit, located on Bergen Street in Boerum Hill. " Only sick Parents up in arms over neighbor's gorefest that's been 'scaring children' Residents in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, have been shocked by a creepy Halloween display that some claim is too scary for Oct 22, 2013 A gruesome Halloween display in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn has drawn heated controversy, with some calling it a work of art and others saying it crosses a line.

For the 9th year, an amazing Halloween pumpkin display takes over the front lawn of a Boerum Hill home in Brooklyn, featuring more than 35 pumpkins total.

The Wrap: Bloody Halloween display returns to Boerum Hill, Williamsburg residents oppose new karaoke bar and more

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